Get proper insight on the CompTIA Security+ course


Do you want to learn something regarding the security of the application and software? Are you looking for some effective and learning online courses that can help you to grow in the future? Online courses are very much in demand because of the facilities and comfort level.

Most of the website offers free online courses but some of them charge for it. For IT students, the CompTIA Security+ course is a great option if they want to learn something in their free time.

So, let’s talk about this course and certification in detail to know about it better.

What is CompTIA security+ course?

The CompTIA security+ course helps people to learn and gain new skills which are required in many IT companies regarding the installation and configuration of the system. It helps to secure the applications, networks, and available devices of the organization.

It helps in improving the performance of threat analysis and response to the threat with the appropriate mitigation techniques. The CompTIA+ security participates in the risk mitigation activities and operates as per the awareness of the applicable policies and laws.

What are the benefits of the CompTIA+ security course?

For every CompTIA+ security course holder, there are many benefits in the future after the completion of the online course like:

  • You can get placed in the companies in positions like Network Architect, Security Analyst, and Security Engineer.
  • The annual salary of the person starts from 6.38 Lacs yearly minimum and the average is 19.76 Lacs per annum. The highest salary that any person gets after the completion of the course is 32.95 Lacs.
  • Different established and IT-based companies will hire the person after the completion of the course including IBM, Oracle, NOKIA, and many more.
  • It is one of the first security qualifications that every IT needs to pass as it helps in developing the core expertise that is required for the role of a cyber security role.

CompTIA+ Security course certification and exam

To get the Security Course certification, you need to pass the CompTIA+ security exam which costs around $370 and the exam code is SYO-601. The number of questions that are asked in the exams is 90 and the passing score is 750.

The types of questions that every candidate found in the exams are:

  • Traditional multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
  • Performance-Based Questions (PBQs)

The PBQs help in testing your ability to solve the security problems in every environment as well as a live demo of installing and configuring a firewall to set up the wireless network.

You can check out the sample questions on the internet regarding the course.

What are the exam tips for the CompTIA+ security course?

For every candidate, it is important to know the tips to pass the exam, so that they can score better on the exam.

  • Use the flashcards to memorize the acronyms and the port numbers.
  • Read the multiple-choice questions carefully and eliminate the ones that you think are wrong.
  • Take the sample test like the real test with a proper time limit
  • Join different groups related to the course on Reddit or Discord.


CompTIA+ security course opens many opportunities for the people who are interested in IT sectors and increase their chance for better placement. So, it’s better to start applying for the CompTIA Security+ course and start preparing for it.