How Live Tutor is More Beneficial?


As we all know that nowadays everything landed on the online platform. Like other things education also took its online form. Live tutors are those who teach us through online mediums and we can raise queries from them. So our topic is how they were beneficial from the offline one. Offline most of the students were unable to grasp the topic at once. Due to this, they might not try to ask again by their teacher. And if their base is not strong then how will they solve the rest. In live tutor online, you just need to type and send a text to the teacher and he will clear your doubt then and there. Even introverts can ask as they face problems in clearing their doubts in the crowd. Here they can clear their concept just by texting. Cuemath, an online website came up with this solution. It provides online classes with recorded lessons and math worksheets. Let’s discuss the importance of the worksheet.

How does Worksheet Improve Education?

As we all know practice is the main key in mathematics. And that’s what the math worksheet does. It provides practice questions at the end of each chapter in a fun way as there are many quizzes, fun games, and interactive activities which attract students towards them. It also has a time limit for each question which encourages them to practice more and come up with the proper time. It is a test sheet of each chapter that contains all the difficult queries related to the chapter. You can compare it with the exam sheets as it prepares you for the exams. It builds confidence among students. If the student keeps on understanding the topic without practicing, it is of no use. No matter how he gets the concept he can only build his confidence if he solves all the problems related to the chapter and is ready to face any issues related to that one chapter.

Advantages of a Live Tutor

As we have discussed above how these live online classes improve our education system There were lots of problems that students face while studying, some have a poor concept, some deal with a lack of interest while studying some are unable to attend class due to some reasons. But don’t worry some amazing platforms of online classes came up with the solution to all these problems, if due to any reason, the student is unable to attend the class then he can attend its recorded lectures so whenever he faces any problem he can easily go through them if the student’s concept is not clear then they can go through its concept sheet which clear every concept from the beginning so that he can move forward clearing all his doubts and queries if the student lost his interest in his subject then this platform helps in rebuilding his interest again by making learning fun. Now let’s discuss its advantages:

  1. There were lots of introverted students who hesitate to raise queries in a class full of students. But through live classes, you just need to write the queries in the message box and the teacher will connect with you and clear your doubts then and there.
  2. Most of the students are unable to study in a crowded atmosphere. Many students disturb the class with their silly questions or some who don’t want to study. They don’t let others study. But with live sessions, it looks like you are getting a private tutor. It seems like only you and your teacher are therein in the classroom.
  3. If you were unable to get the topic in the class or miss any class then also there is no need to worry as each session is being recorded and you can restudy that class whenever you feel like needed.

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