How to Prepare for the FE Exam


If you’re wondering how to prepare for the FE exam, you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover the topics of time blocking, studying with a review source, using a video practice problem, and using a FE exam prep course. The FE exam is not difficult, but it is more difficult than the CU FE exam. While the FE exam requires more knowledge than the CU FE exam, it is a bit easier to pass than the CU FE exam. You can check out a FE reference handbook from Christina or download a FE study guide from the Internet.

Time Blocking

One effective way to manage your time is by setting up time blocks. Each hour, devote a certain amount of time to the FE exam. For example, if the exam starts at 8 am, you should start studying for the first set of questions at 8am. Once you have finished with that set, take a break. After that, you can tackle the second set of questions, which will typically involve deep dives into the engineering discipline.

Setting time blocks for activities and tasks is a great way to manage time. This method helps you determine wasted time. You can also track the time spent on chores. You can then allocate time accordingly. After all, studying for an exam is a demanding and mentally draining experience, so your time block calendar should include a few smaller goals. By establishing a clear plan, you’ll be more productive and more focused in the long run.

Studying with a review source

Taking a FE exam requires studying with a review source. Although many online sources offer practice problems, these materials are not comprehensive and may leave gaps in your understanding. Taking a comprehensive review source is crucial for passing the exam. Review materials also contain lecture videos. Here are some ways to find the best FE review source. Listed below are the most important things you need to know.

Using a review source for the FE exam can be extremely beneficial. Review material can be used for reference purposes as well. Many people use review sources as a guide when studying. The FE exam has recently changed, and a review manual is the best way to prepare for this change. A review source is especially useful if you want to study the latest content for the exam. A good review source will include information on the exam’s format and scoring methodology.

Using a video practice problem

Using a video practice problem to prepare you for the FE exam is a very effective way to review the concepts that you want to know more about. Many colleges and universities have created YouTube videos explaining the topics that will be on the exam. You can also find video lectures of FE topics and mechanical engineering videos. If you’re unsure of where to find these resources, consider checking out the FE exam website.

Videos are a fantastic way to learn about important concepts and formulas. You can watch an entire video review course by Marshall University and learn by doing. The course includes a FE reference handbook with curated content by engineering experts. It’s a great way to get the basics of the FE exam without having to lug around books or study guides. Videos are not the only way to learn, however. You need to be committed and determined to study properly.

Using a FE exam prep course

If you want to take FE exams and have no idea where to begin, a FE exam prep course can help. The School of PE offers online courses with specific study guides for each FE exam discipline. Each course has several instructors who specialize in key exam topics. You can also enroll in private tutoring sessions to get personalized help. Some of these courses also include instructor email access. To learn more about this option, contact the School of PE.

A FE exam prep course is specifically designed for the FE exam, and most of them utilize computer-based learning. The practice exams mimic the actual computer-based FE exam environment. In addition, many of the lessons include handouts and formulas that you will need to study for the exam. The course is also interactive, which makes it easy for you to review what you have learned during lessons.

Developing fast recall

The FE exam is a time-limited test, and preparing for it thoroughly is crucial to passing it. To succeed on this exam, students should focus on all subjects and solve as many practice problems as possible. This strategy is far more effective than cherry-picking familiar subjects. Since there is no time to think about the answers during the test, it’s imperative that students learn to memorize information quickly. The FE exam requires three minutes to answer questions, so they must develop fast recall in order to pass it.

It’s important to understand that this examination is a closed book exam, but it allows you to use an electronic version of the FE Reference Handbook to help you study. Therefore, candidates should study the NCEES Handbook alongside the FE Exam Course. FE Review Manuals contain 110 multiple-choice questions. The exam time is six hours, including a tutorial, break, and brief exit survey. You should allocate at least five hours and 20 minutes to each subject during your review. The FE exam uses SI and USCS unit systems. Calculators are also restricted to the NCEES approved models.