How to wear off Eyelash Extension Safely?


Eyelashes extension or artificial eyelashes are a great choice for ladies who like to get party-ready within a few minutes. However, most ladies don’t know is how to wear it off. Do you want to know how you can clean your eyelashes extension with a cleansing agent?

With the help of this article, you will get to know about the things that you need to keep in mind while cleaning your artificial eyelashes extension without harming your natural ones. So, let’s get started.

What are the benefits of artificial eyelashes?

If you are wondering why you should choose artificial eyelashes over mascara and other makeup products, then look at the benefits of artificial eyelashes given below:

  • It will add volume to your natural eyelashes and make them look attractive.
  • You can add different shapes and styles and straighten, curly, and many more.
  • They don’t require any mascara.
  • You can apply for the eyelashes extension in a few minutes as you don’t need hours to get ready for the occasion.

Why micellar water is best to remove eyelashes extension?

You will find that most of the makeup remover items are oil-based because oil is the best ingredient to remove the makeup without harming your skin in any manner. However, eyelashes and oil-based remover don’t go well together and for that micellar water is the best alternative.

Micellar water not only helps in removing the eyelashes extension properly and safely but also helps in cleaning them so that you can use them again. Here are the reasons why Micellar water is the best choice for Eyelash Extension removal:

  • It is a mixture of two important ingredients i.e. purified water and Mild surfactants which is a kind of cleansing compound.
  • Micellar water has attraction power which is similar to magnets which helps in removing dirt and oil from the skin.
  • It is the safest way to remove eyelashes and clean them without damaging their volume and shape.

How to remove Eyelashes Extension with Micellar water?

If you want to remove the artificial eyelashes carefully without harming your natural one, then you need to follow these steps carefully, so that you can clean your eyelashes extension for further use.

  • Take the micellar water on the cotton swab and pat it on your artificial eyelashes.
  • Now as the eyelashes are wet, slowly detangle the lashes without impacting the strength of the artificial eyelashes.
  • After the extension is removed, take the blow dryer and dry off the eyelashes, so that you can use them for another time.
  • If you feel uncomfortable while using the product or notice some redness under the eye, then it’s best to not continue the use of the product.


In the end, we can conclude that eyelashes extension or artificial eyelashes are a great option for a make-up product but it is important to remove them carefully. They are delicate and fragile and that’s why it needs to be handled with care.