How to Write Reference Pages

How to Write Reference Pages

If you’ve ever asked yourself “how to write reference pages,” you’re not alone. The first step is to know the proper APA style. This style outlines the basic structure of a reference page, including how to format it and how to indent the page. You can also read more about formatting and hanging indent. Here are some tips:

APA style

When writing a paper in APA style, you’ll want to follow certain formatting rules to avoid mistakes. To make the reference list look professional, your references should be listed in alphabetical order with hanging indents. Moreover, the page’s margins should be one inch. The sample reference list below only uses one-inch margins. To format your references in APA style, make sure to check the APA 6th Style manual.


When writing an essay, you must follow the rules for formatting reference pages. Your reference page should contain the same elements as the body of your essay, including the title, double spacing, and page number. You must also include hanging indents and format the list alphabetically. You can use the APA Style reference checklist for help. It contains all the instructions you need to format your reference page properly. To begin formatting your reference page, follow these steps:

In-text citation

In-text citation is important to include when referencing a source in your own work. By omitting in-text references, you risk being accused of plagiarism and getting a poor grade. There are many reasons to use this citation. These include: falsely presenting information, including the author’s name and publication date. Also, it is not necessary to cite an entire page; in some cases, a single paragraph or group of sentences may contain information from the same source.

Hanging indent

The first line of your reference list should be flush with the left margin. The rest of the lines should have hanging indents of 1.27 cm or 0.5 inches. To illustrate this, look at page 66 of the Annotated Student Paper. The text should be formatted so that it wraps naturally and is not hammered with “enter” at the end of each line. You can also use a paragraph function in Word to format your reference page.

Formatting for multiple authors

When writing a reference page, there are several steps to follow to make the formatting for multiple authors as easy as possible. To begin, it is best to list authors alphabetically with their last names first. After their last names, put a space. If more than one author contributed to a work, list their names in order, leaving a space between the last name and the initials. If they are all listed together, leave them in the order that they appeared on the work.

Formatting for personal communications

When formatting a reference page for personal communications, keep in mind that it should not include scholarly documents or pre-prints. Personal communication refers to information that is not publicly available, but is considered useful or relevant to the audience. These sources can be in the form of telephone conversations, emails, letters, memos, and even personal interviews. They should be cited in-text rather than included in the reference list.