Lineman Tool List – The Essential Tools for a Lineman’s Toolbox

Lineman Tool List

If you work as a lineman, it is a good idea to have a lineman tool list. A tool list can help you understand your work better and prepare you for specific tasks. You can also refer to a tool list for any specific tool you need, such as a hammer or screwdriver. This article will discuss the most essential tools for a lineman’s toolbox. Read on for more information.

Compression tools

A good tool holder is crucial for the maintenance of lineman compression tools. This tool is made with two different-sized pockets for the inline tool, as well as additional space for dies and spare batteries. You can purchase this tool separately or as part of a kit. Below is a list of distributors who stock this product. The items typically ship within a week. The Y35 is a hand operated hydraulic compression tool that accepts Burndy U type dies. Its quick advance ram and 180-degree head rotation deliver 12 tons of crimping force.


A lineman’s tool box should contain many different tools, including a hammer, pliers, and a wrench. Some tools are more important than others, and some may even be essential to the job. A good lineman tool list includes everything from pliers to chargers, which are necessary when there are no power outlets on the job site. These tools can help a lineman do his job faster, more efficiently, and safely.


If you’re considering becoming a lineman, you need to know which tools you’ll need. A lineman’s screwdriver tool list includes 10 tools that you’ll need to complete the job. You can also purchase a kit that has everything you need to get started. Some tools are available in specialized stores, and others are better suited for the job you’re considering. For example, a set of nut drivers and lineman’s pliers will be useful in any electrical project, and a set of insulated wire cutters will keep your work safe.


The plier on the lineman tool list should be a quality tool. Although all pliers can do basic functions, some have special features that can make a job much easier. These special features are not included in every plier, so you’ll have to look for them separately. Lineman pliers are useful for many tasks, including bending, cutting, and gripping. Listed below are some of the features to look for in a plier.

Skinning knife

If you’re a lineman, you should include a Skinning knife on your tool list. These handy tools are perfect for removing the jacket of cables. The blade can be easily folded up, and there are several different models to choose from. They also come with chargers and batteries, which are essential since not every job site has an electrical outlet. These tools are also useful for the tasks associated with their use.


While most linemen carry a basic tool kit, the tools that are more specific to lineman’s work are also essential. A hammer and wrench are indispensable, and pliers and slip-joint pliers are essential. Skinning knives are also essential for the job, since they need to be able to remove the jacket on the cables. There are specialty models for different types of insulation, and some can even be folded when not in use. Linemen also need batteries and chargers, because not every job site has power points.


Lineman tool batteries are an essential component of this tool. Without a battery, the tool would be useless. Unfortunately, batteries are often forgotten about until they run out. Luckily, there are numerous brands that offer quality lineman tool batteries, with a wide selection of sizes. To find the right battery for your tool, check out the following guide. You can find out more about these products and how to care for them properly.