Lose Weight Fast by Avoiding an Orexic Diet Plan


If you’re looking to lose weight fast, anorexia is a dangerous disease and you should avoid following an anorexic diet plan. Not only is this type of diet dangerous, it can have disastrous side effects, including high caloric needs, nutritional deficiency anemia, and mental and physical health problems. This article will provide you with important facts you should know about this diet plan.

Anorexic diet plan causes high caloric needs

The anorexic diet plan is characterized by a severe restriction of calories, sometimes known as a “five-bite diet” (FODMAP). Anorexic dieters eat extremely low-calorie meals on most days and may even fast on others. However, the caloric intake of an anorexic patient rarely exceeds 500 calories a day. This amount is extremely low when compared to the recommended calorie intake of 1200 calories per day.

People recovering from anorexia may require up to 3,000 calories per day to sustain normal bodily functions and gain half a pound to two pounds a week. It is recommended to gradually increase the number of meals to six a day and eat larger portions in each meal. Liquid nutrition is recommended as well to replace unfinished snacks or skipped meals. While anorexics tend to focus on their weight, it’s important to recognize that their physical reactions to food may not be consistent, and calorie-focused meal plans can trigger anorexic behavior.

It’s a way of starving yourself for a long period of time

Starvation is a terrible way to lose weight. Starvation makes your body unbalanced and deprives it of essential nutrients. Even though it can help you lose weight quickly, starvation can cause more serious problems, including mental and physical problems. Moreover, starvation can even lead to dangerous eating disorders, such as anorexia. To stop this behavior, you need to know more about the consequences of such a diet plan and how to avoid them.

Anorexics are often perfectionists and overachievers who are driven by an intense need to please others. In addition to starving themselves, they use laxatives and purgatives to lose weight. They feel helpless and inadequate and have a negative mindset about food and body image. They may even try to conceal their eating habits by avoiding the scale, because they think that by starving themselves, they’ll be shamed for gaining weight.

It causes nutritional deficiency anemia

The anorexic diet plan can lead to nutritional deficiency anemia, a condition where there is a lack of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to body tissues. Anemia is often caused by the lack of iron, which is necessary for the production of healthy red blood cells. Anorexia sufferers are also often deficient in folate, vitamin B-12, and iron, which are essential nutrients for maintaining a healthy body.

In addition to iron deficiency anemia, anorexia can cause more severe symptoms, including fatigue, which can hinder daily activities. It can also compromise a person’s performance at work or school. Severe cases of anemia can even lead to serious complications in pregnancy, such as a high risk of heart problems or even death. To treat an anorexic diet plan, pregnant women should make sure to include iron-rich foods in their diets.

It causes mental and physical problems

People with anorexia have an distorted view of their body shape. Some see their entire body as overweight, while others only focus on a part of it. Some people base their entire self-esteem on how they look, while others purge their food or use laxatives to get rid of what they’ve eaten. Whatever the case, anorexia causes physical and mental problems.