Redo Of Healer: A Comprehensive Detail About The Show!

Redo Of Healer

The craze among the audiences for the animation series and animation movies are highly noticeable. People love to watch different types of storytelling animation series and animation movies equally in their free time. Subsequently, there is a lot of popular animation series are available that people can enjoy and can watch the thrilling episodes of each one of the animation series or web series equally. Therefore, there are multiple options are available in front of the people who love to watch web series and animation programs.

One of the best web series of animation till today is the Redo of Healer. Everyone enjoys the whole story of the web series because it is based on Light novel by Rui Tsukiyo. It is a web series of Dark Fantasy and altogether it consists of 12 episodes for the first season of the show.

Subsequently, people are also interested to know every single detail about this particular show redo of Healer. After the launch of the first series, people become very much interested to know whether the show is going to launch another new series or not. Side-by-side, they all enjoy all the 12 episodes of the first season of the show because the storylines were very much interesting and entertaining for the audiences.

Additionally, people become very much delighted to see some kind of storyline by the animation show. For the first time, the show was launched in 2021 on January 13. On the other side, the last episode of the web series was available on 31st March of 2021. There has been a rumor that very soon the animation show is going to launch its second part. And here in this article, we are going to cover every storyline of the show fast. The male protagonist of the animated web series was Keyaru. The whole storyline revolves around this character and how he takes revenge also involved within the whole 12 episodes of the first series.

Redo Of Healer Season 1 Recap

Keyaru is the male protagonist of the show, therefore, the whole story shows every ups and down of his life. He was a man of innocence and therefore the maximum of the people take the advantage of his innocence. Not only that, he also has been sexually harassed and exploited by the people who he believed. After realizing the fact that people are doing injustice to him and taking advantage of his Innocence side he takes the vow to take revenge from all of them. By using his magical power he goes back for a year earlier in the past and takes revenge from every one of them who did wrong with him. The story of Redo of Healer goes with many other interesting things as time increases.

Additionally, the last episode of Redoofheale shows the super powerful fight Scenes and sexual intimacy. The protagonist of the animation show successful life takes his revenge on Princess Norm. This Princess norm was the sister of Keyaru. And he desperately wanted to back her memories so that they can be united with each other. After successfully helping her to recover all her past memories she even grows a deep emotion and fondness for her brother. He even keeps her name as Ellen. On the other hand, the other character named Flare was struggling with misery and stress in her personal life. Therefore, he wanted to help her also to overcome them. Subsequently, the sister of Keyaru started admiring his brother and this thing makes jealous Flare.

The Plot Or Story Of Redo Of Healer Season 2

Additionally, people are equally interested to know about the second season of the show and what will be the storyline equally. In the second season of Redoofheale, it is estimated that the story will again start the fight of the male protagonist of these animation web series. The story will again continue with the last scene where Keyaru was involved in fighting with the demon lord. Subsequently, the other characters will also play their important roles along with him and will show their characteristics throughout the whole second season.

Approx Releasing Date Of Redo Of Healer Season 2

Subsequently, people are also interested to know about the release date of the second season of the show. But unfortunately, there is no information is available on the Internet that can justify when the second season will release. People are expecting that the second season of the show may be launched in the mid-year of 2022. All the animation lovers will again be able to experience the fighting scenes and rich storylines in the second season of the show.

Not only that, it will entertain all the audiences for the next six months after releasing it. The first series of the animation show was immensely successful among the audiences therefore they are looking for the next season desperately. Moreover, the people can also enjoy the first series of all 12 episodes on different types of platforms that are offering the animation show for the audiences. The animation lovers can search on the Internet to find out the old series all the episodes of the first season of the show.

What Is The Plot of Redo of Healer 2

The plot of the show Redo of Healer may revolve around the character Keyaru who will help other people to solve their problems or to heal their problems. He will come with great magic and with the help of the majestic power he will help other people to heal their problems instantly. However, after the storylines will increase in the show he will become a tool to solve other people’s problems. Ultimately, realizing the fact that he has been used wrongly he will decide to take revenge on all those people who do injustice with him. Not only that, you will go back to the past and will try to take revenge from all those people who used him for the four years.

The whole concept is totally based on the reviews that people leave for the show on the internet. It is totally assumed and imaginary from the audiences who loved the first series of the animation show. There is no cruelty no Murder appointed within the whole 12 episodes of the show. However, it is only based on the revenge plot that the male protagonist of the web series will take from those people who did an injustice.

5 Facts About Flare, Redo Of Healer

Now here in this paragraph, we are going to introduce with all of you one of the best and most effective characters of the show Flare. The bold appearance of her and her pink hair is the most attractive thing for the people around her. People go crazy behind her just for her physical appearance and her charming look equally. She was the daughter of king Jioral. Additionally, her seductive body makes her more popular and attractive.

1. Strongest Mage

Throughout, the whole story of the first season, she has been portrayed as one of the most magnificent and powerful characters of the show. Besides that, she has been involved in numerous fight scenes and magical elements. She becomes the most attractive woman among other women around her. She always used to take the help of her magical elements like Wind, fire, lightning, and ice. By using her weapons she successfully demonstrates magical powers and magical spells.

2. Sadistic

She was the girl of full gentle nature. However, in real life, she was very statistic a person after being tortured in a childhood day she become the saddest person. However, with the help of the male protagonist of the show, she heals her sorrows and remorse equally. In her childhood days, she was regularly bitten by the nearest people and therefore the childhood memories of her always haunt her. However, she always tortures the male protagonist Keyaru, and used to offer him drugs many times.

3. Rotten Heart

Initially, she has always been an honest girl, and throughout the whole season, she plays a very strong and modest women character. However, sometimes it also displays her rotten heart emotions of her.

4. Deleted Memories

With the help of the Keyaru she discovered a lot of lost and deleted memories of her life. However, she did very wrong with the person who helped her to discover all the deleted memories.

5. A Slave

Flare always treated Keyaru as a slave. And not pay any gratitude for him for what he had done. Therefore these are the top five interesting facts about the character Flare.


Therefore, this is the whole story behind the show Redo of Healer. Here we try to cover each one of the significant details about the show and you can also search on the Internet to find out other details equally.