Top Ways to Resolve Orbi Satellite Not Connecting Issue

Orbi Satellite Not Connecting

Satellites are the new innovative way to extend wireless connections worldwide. Because of them, we all use our mobile devices or laptops to connect to a wireless connection that we achieve because of the WiFi system set up by the satellite all around. The more satellites, the better will be the wireless connectivity. Don’t you agree! Who doesn’t want to extend wireless connectivity by using a satellite?

Today in our article, we will discuss the WiFi extender known as Orbi Satellite by Netgear and how to fix the orbi satellite not connecting to the router. Let’s get started!

Define Orbi Satellite?

Orbi Satellite device launched by Netgear which is the WiFi extender to increase the strength of the wireless internet connection all around your area. It increases the power of the internet connection five times as it already is to give you a stable internet facility all-around your home or place. If you are not able to get a good connection in your backyard or terrace, then this WiFi extender will do the job for you.

Moreover, adding to the current information, it is not a satellite, and a device can restrain itself in every weather outdoors. It covers roughly around 2500 sq. ft., a vast coverage space and encouraged to use your smartphones in any corner now.

Why Orbi Satellite Not Connecting Properly With The Router?

If you are new to the technical issue offered then you must be irritated to find out why the satellite is not syncing with the router properly. Mostly there are issues on the router end. As we always suggest, people keep the satellite and route five meters apart along with their cables.

Let’s find out some of the facts that can be reasons behind not achieving the ideal syncing so that you can figure out what issue happens with your router and how you are going to solve it:

Issue With ISP:

Check your status for your current internet service provider. If it has potential errors in providing continuous internet, it will intervene with the router network, which ultimately causes outages.

Renew Your Firmware:

If you are using an old version of firmware with your router, then it can be a potential reason that your satellite lost the connection with the router.

No Regular Power:

If your router is not provided with a regular power supply, it can directly affect the connection you are trying to build with the satellite.

Not synced Properly:

If the router is not connected correctly with the satellite, you will fail to establish a smooth connection between the router and the satellite.

Easy Ways To Connect Orbi Satellite With The Router

Now moving forward to the quick ways of fixing the issue of an orbi satellite not connecting, we want to share that you should check the power connection and internet connection in the first place to find if these connections are in place or not. Then it will be the first reason your connection keeps disconnecting with the router, and you face difficulty.

In that case, you should consult your internet service provider or power facility to know how long it will take to correct this error. Once they restore the power or internet outage, the connection between the router and satellite gets automatically recovered.

Now let’s have a look at some other potential issues:

  1. Regular Power To The Router Device:

Once you find out that there is no issue with your power connection, you should check whether your router receives a proper power supply through the adapter or socket.

Press the shutdown button and unplug the power adapter from the outlet. After 5 mins, plug the adapter back into the outlet and connect it again to the router to restart to solve the connection issue.

  1. Sync The Router With The Satellite Again:

Syncing the router again with your satellite can solve your problem instantly. If you have not tried it already, you must find the sync button located in the back of the router.

Many routers might have some other kind of sync button or may be located somewhere else too so, try to find accordingly. And then press it to hold for 5 seconds. Once the router blinks twice, release the button.

  1. Change The Placement Of Router And Satellite:

Coming to the router and satellite placement, it might be possible that you are placing both of them quite away from one another, which leads to the malfunction of disconnection. The router and the satellite should be 5 meters apart to form an ideal connection.

Always keep them in the ideal range of each other to fulfill your desired connection requirements.

  1. Look For The Cables:

Sometimes when the router disconnects with the satellite, it’s not the connection but the cables you are using with both devices. You need to check that they are in good condition to maintain the connection or not. What if they get ripped and keep the router disconnecting from the satellite.

We suggest you replace all the wire if it’s torn, or you can try some other cables to find if it’s an issue for the router or not.

  1. Add New Version Of Firmware:

Check for the new firmware updates on your router that you may miss and now causing you this issue. Sometimes, if you are not updating your router firmware timely, it will generate incompatible software issues with the satellite, leading to the blackout on the connection.

Look for firmware in the router menu and check for updates. If there are any, try to download them patiently as these can take a little bit of time to download. Once you install them and update the firmware.

  1. Try Factory Reset Button:

You can restore the settings of the router to the factory settings. If you are not aware of the factory settings, we assure you it will help avoid any incorrect data and set it to the default parameters.

Locate the factory restore button, then hold it for some time until the router gets shut down. You can restart once again to find if it is working correctly or not?


How do I know if my Orbi satellite is connected?

If the ring on the orbi satellite shows the blue color, then the connection between the router and satellite is confirmed and established, which is good. Many other colors such as amber, magenta, and solid white relate to several other states.

Can you connect an Orbi satellite with Ethernet?

An Orbi satellite automatically connects to your Orbi router or any router wirelessly if they have a specific feature to give you instant results. Otherwise, you have to use wired connection ports or cables to form a connection.

Why do my Orbi satellites keep disconnecting?

There has to be some technical issue that keeps disconnecting your Orbi satellite with your router. You can check if the power connection is proper or not first. After that, if the problem persists, you can look for other reasons.


In final words, our complete guide on an orbi satellite not connecting to the router issue will solve the technical difficulty if it stays regularly. We have listed all the potential errors that generally occur with the router, and if the problem does not get solved, you might need to consult the outlet to replace your orbi satellite device.

Do let us know in the comment section if you have any other queries related to this article.