Tips for Selecting Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

The first thing to think about when selecting floor tiles for your bathroom is the style. There are many choices. For example, you can go with glass, metal, or slate. However, these choices are not suitable for everyone. Read on for more tips. Let’s take a look at some different types of tiles. Listed below are some tips for selecting a tile for your bathroom. Keep in mind that your choice should fit into the theme of your room.


Slate bathroom floor tiles can be installed on your bathroom’s floor. They are skid-resistant and can be used for many applications, including countertops, accent walls, fireplace facades, and shower walls. While slate is suitable for any interior decor, it looks best on a bathroom floor. Its dark gray or black color provides a beautiful look, and it is a non-slip material that dries quickly.


There are many options for glass bathroom floor tiles. You can choose a glossy, reflective finish, a rough texture, or any other design you like. There are virtually endless design possibilities. The versatility of glass is what makes this material so appealing. For those who are concerned with safety, glass is not recommended for bathrooms where a shower is enclosed. However, glass tiles can be used as a border around a bathtub to create a stylish look.


Mosaic bathroom floor tiles are a modern way to update the floor of a bathroom. These stylish tiles are available in a range of colours to suit any décor. Light grey works well with mosaics, but for an exciting effect try a bolder colour scheme. For example, Calacatta Verde Square Mosaics are made from Calacatta Verde marble and feature thought-provoking colour and veining irregularities. Calacatta Verde Marble is renowned for its pioneering heritage and is considered one of the world’s finest marbles.


Traditionally used only for bathroom walls, metallic bathroom floor tiles are now available in a variety of colors, styles, and textures. The tiles’ shiny surface gives bathrooms an ultra-modern look, and they complement stainless steel and glass fixtures and appliances. The durable metal look is also attractive and easy to maintain, so they are a practical choice for any bathroom. Metal tile is also an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash or as a contemporary accent wall.


If you want a dazzling bathroom, you should opt for granite bathroom floor tiles. You can use accent walls to make your bathroom look bigger and dazzling. Furthermore, the tile floor provides a soothing feeling to your feet. The largest seller of granite tiles in India is Regatta Granites. This company is known for providing high-quality materials to customers at very competitive prices. To learn more about granite bathroom floor tiles, contact Regatta Granites India.

Quarry tile

There are many advantages to using unglazed, natural stone as bathroom floor tiles. Quarry tiles are naturally slip-resistant, but you can also find tiles with an abrasive grain for greater traction. These tiles are available in many colours and sizes. You should choose a tile that compliments the other elements of the bathroom. However, before you choose quarry tile, consider its price. A good quality quarry tile is comparatively inexpensive.

Extruded clay

Extruded clay bathroom floor tiles have low moisture absorption properties and are therefore suitable for exterior applications, such as building facades. They also resist wear and tear and are a good choice for indoor areas where winter is not as harsh. Excessive warpage and lippage are possible problems, but this is usually related to improper substrate or installation. Decorative borders are generally used for the walls and are not suitable for use in the bathroom.