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    Here are some tips to help you become Oracle certified by 2022

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    Professionals who are Oracle certified have an advantage over those who are not Oracle accredited across all domains. An Oracle certified associate has a much higher likelihood of being employed, promoted, and earning a better salary. If you are interested in landing a job at a world-class organization, being promoted, receiving a high compensation, and excelling in your career, then you need to obtain the Oracle certification.

    Overview of Oracle certifications

    There are several core categories within the Oracle certification program:

    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Cloud Certification
    • Oracle Virtualization
    • Oracle Middleware
    • Oracle Operating Systems
    • Oracle Applications
    • Oracle Industries
    • Oracle Java Certification
    • Oracle Enterprise Management
    • Oracle Business Intelligence
    • Oracle Systems

    Furthermore, Oracle certifications are offered at the following levels:

    • Junior Associate
    • Associate
    • Professional
    • Specialist
    • Expert
    • Master

    Tips for preparing for Oracle certification exams

    A significant amount of preparation must be undertaken before taking the Oracle certification exams. However, it is a worthwhile endeavor that is definitely worth your efforts.

    You must pass the examinations associated with the Oracle certification to obtain it. Thus, when referring to obtaining an Oracle certification, it is related to passing the Oracle exams. The tips listed below are intended to assist you in successfully preparing for your certification examinations.

    Obtain any training that is recommended

    Some professionals may find self-study more convenient, but others are likely to succeed in their Oracle SQL certification exams with formal training. Those who are not confident about their ability to study effectively by themselves should consider enrolling in an Oracle training program. This is a very effective practice.

    You will be instructed by an expert on all topics covered in the test when you enroll in a training program. Furthermore, Oracle certified experts would share with you valuable advice on how you can study effectively and achieve the best possible performance on the examination.

    Prepare a study plan

    You may choose to conduct self-study or decide to enroll in a training program. No matter how you prepare for the Oracle certified professional exam, you should develop a comprehensive study plan. It is important to plan for all the study materials and resources you are likely to use. Establish a schedule of study and stick to it.

    Do not rely on only one study resource

    A study resource could turn out to be one of the most useful ever developed. It is important to keep in mind that it is difficult to come across a study guide that covers all the information you must know to become an Oracle certified professional. It is ideal to use a variety of resources. In other words, if you decide to enroll in Oracle training, be sure to also read Oracle books. Also, you should consider other study resources offered by reliable websites.

    Practice by taking practice tests

    As you prepare for your OCA certification exam, you can take the Oracle training program, learn from the best Oracle guides, and review as many resources as possible. You must, however, understand how questions will be formulated on the actual test, the format of the answers, and how the test will be conducted. Unless you follow these guidelines, it is unlikely that you will succeed on your Oracle certification exam.

    Training through verified, real-time scenario-based exams is the most effective way to avoid all of these. Along with knowing how to construct the questions and answer them, you will also be able to gauge the extent to which you have understood the material. Oracle practice tests are available on many different platforms. Use them to your advantage, and you will be surprised at how simple Oracle certification exams are.

    Identify any knowledge gaps that exist

    Don’t take the exam before you have confirmed that there are no gaps in your knowledge. Review all of the examination objectives, for instance, and make sure that each of them has been thoroughly reviewed. Make sure you have thoroughly examined all the topics.

    It is also possible to assess knowledge gaps by taking practice tests and comparing your scores. You can then measure your knowledge and identify topics you lack a thorough understanding of. Consequently, you will gain a better understanding of what subjects you should focus on when studying.

    In conclusion

    The Oracle certification represents an outstanding achievement. As someone who wants to stand out in their field and advance their career, obtaining Oracle certifications should be a priority.