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    Top 5 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2022

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    Since the advent of the internet, our lives have become inseparably associated with the online component. People send emails, look for information, and, most significantly, purchase stuff.

    Before even thinking about a B2B provider, the first thing that nowadays prospects do is search online. They may come across your name on a paid ad, in a video, or find your article in a search engine and positively become your client.

    All these are possible when you practice digital marketing. It adapts to your requirements, raises brand awareness, is less costly than traditional marketing, and reaches your target audiences worldwide.

    Apart from these, you can be confident that the results won’t go anywhere: Google receives more than 77,000 searches per second. Every year, 1.66 billion people do online shopping and spend an average of 313.2 billion emails.

    It inspires you to pay close attention to the digital spectrum of your business, so to keep you updated, we have gathered these top digital marketing trends that can be implemented in 2022.

    1. An immersive experience for the customer- In 2022, customers do not care about why your product and service are better than competitors’.

    Those days are gone when brands used to list features and benefits to convince customers to buy your product. In today’s new digital era, customers are much more intelligent; they have many choices at their fingertips, and yes, they have lots of patience to search until they get what they want.

    It signifies that the brand must work harder to grab customers’ attention and generate conversions. Those days are gone when doing SEO was just enough.

    Driving traffic to the website must then be coupled with immersive, engaging, and entertaining user experiences that create long-lasting trust and brand loyalty.

    Going deeper into who your client is and using storytelling to let them envision themselves with your products or services will set you apart from your competitors in the coming year.

    Multi-format content will continue to be a valuable tool for improving engagement. While publishing web content, businesses must ask themselves- will this content be more engaging if we use a video or an image?

    With the rising popularity of video content through Instagram reels, TikTok, YouTube, short videos are becoming the most efficient ways to engage with clients.

    Using different content formats will let you optimize your brand’s user experience so that more and more people can relate to it while also boosting the shareability of the content on your website.

    It has become easier to talk to your customers directly with social media. So, why not utilize this opportunity and ask them what they want?

    For example, ask them what type of content they prefer seeing on the page, ask them if they want some changes on the website. Getting this kind of suggestion has become much more straightforward with Instagram polls.

    Not only will your clients give a great guideline to work, but it will build a meaningful human connection with your targeted audience that will improve the overall growth of the business.

    1. Multichannel marketing-This year, brands will diversify their marketing channels to find new means to connect with customers.

    More touchpoints signified more opportunities to engage your customers, build new relationships, and nurture them with time.

    Instead of relying on one or two main channels, companies will follow a segmented approach; they will invest more time creating unique content for various channels.

    The challenge will be to keep up with the growing demands of a segmented strategy without sacrificing the budget.

    1. Videos will be shorter-If you want to have more engagement with your potential customers, then videos are the best option.

    Studies have proved that the human brain understands video content better. It stays in one’s memory for a longer time. Videos can educate your customers about products and services, enhance brand loyalty, and increase ROI.

    However, modern customers have neither that much patience nor time to watch long videos. For example, 33% of people will not watch a video after thirty seconds, and nearly 60% will stop the video after 2 minutes.

    Short videos that show the content straight to the point can save your customer’s time. That is why Instagram stories and Reels are growing popular over time.

    And short videos require less bandwidth to create. As a result, it holds your attention and will give you better retention rates.

    1. Investments in Automation and AI will rise-Usually, everything that can automate digital marketing is worth your customer’s attention.

    There are tools for analytics, email workflows, and social media scheduling. Such automation saves your brand money and time and allows your people to focus on other business aspects.

    Then, what about your customers? To offer them a responsive and fast digital experience, Artificial Intelligence is making a comeback.

    Most customers expect businesses to operate 24/7, and chatbots are the solution. However, nowadays, a customer looks for an algorithm that can answer the FAQ but conversational intelligence to understand complex requests and respond accordingly. And this is where AI comes in.

    It is the nearest we have come to a human interaction without the need to appoint customer support.

    AI and automation tools save resources and offer a fuller digital experience for your clients.

    1. Owning your customer- When discussing multichannel marketing, we do not mean social media only. You might know the significance of email marketing.

    We have learned from the past year that being too dependent on channels with algorithms that you do not control can lead to frustration.

    As a result, brands will stop thinking of email as an add-on and instead shift their focus to creating their email list through different channels and tactics.

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