Trinidad Valentin – The Mother of Hip Hop Star Saweetie

Trinidad Valentin

In this article, we’ll discuss Trinidad Valentin, a Filipina-Chinese music model, who is married to Johnny Harper and the mother of her son Saweetie. Read on to find out more about Trinidad, who is also known as “T-Val” in the media. Trinidad is a popular role model, music composer, and TV personality. Trinidad Valentin was born in the Philippines. The mother of Saweetie, Trinidad Valentin’s famous son, is a legendary singer.

Trinidad Valentin is a Filipina-Chinese

Currently 45 years old, Trinidad Valentin is one of the most influential and successful people in the world. Born in the Philippines, she is of Filipina and Chinese descent. She is the youngest of six children. Her father is a former NFL linebacker, Willie Harper. She gave birth to her daughter Saweetie on July 2, 1993. Her mother, Trinidad Valentin, was only seventeen years old at the time.

Trinidad Valentin was born in the United States in 1976. She has six siblings including a twin sister, two brothers, and a sister. She married Johnny Harper at seventeen and gave birth to her first daughter Saweetie. Her other children include Milan and Maya. She is five feet seven inches tall and weighs about 56 kg. Trinidad Valentin is a hardworking musician who has managed to combine her love of music with her professional career.

She is married to Johnny Harper

The Filipino-Chinese singer and actress Trinidad Valentin was born on July 2, 1976, and will turn 45 years old in 2021. Her parents are of Chinese and Filipino descent. She has six brothers and sisters. Her father, Willie Harper, was a former linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. Trinidad Valentine gave birth to her daughter Saweetie on July 2, 1993. Although she has not revealed much about her early life, Trinidad has said that she was a teenager when she gave birth.

Despite being a member of the entertainment world, Trinidad has never disclosed her past relationships. She was not the first woman in the entertainment industry, and she was a successful model. She obtained sponsorships and worked for brands by attending events. She has Filipino and Chinese roots and is a native of the Central Valley. Trinidad Valentin is married to Johnny Harper, and their two daughters are still single as of 2022. Trinidad Valentin has dated Justin Combs, a famous rapper, and Keith Powers in the past. However, they maintain a private relationship.

She is a music model

Trinidad Valentin is an American music model and celebrity member. She is also a mother to Sweetie, a multi-talented rapper. Trinidad has appeared in many music videos, including one of her own with DMX. Born in 1976, Trinidad currently resides in Central Valley, California, US. Trinidad completed her education at a private college. Trinidad is 45 years old as of 2002. She has been featured in numerous music videos and has a diverse career.

Trinidad Valentin grew up in California’s Central Valley. Her parents and siblings are not known, but she is the youngest of six siblings. Trinidad’s mother, Saweetie, is not known to have any public information about her upbringing. The truth is, Trinidad’s mother, Saweetie, was a young teenager when she gave birth to Trinidad. The couple’s marriage is not a secret; Trinidad is the mother of Saweetie and his father are unnamed.

She is the mother of Saweetie

Trinidad Valentine is the mother of hip hop star Saweetie. She grew up in the Central Valley of California. Her grandmother raised her when she was young. She attended Monterey Trail High School in Tracy, California, and then San Diego State University. While she studied business and correspondence, she remained focused on her rap career. She has been involved in hip hop culture for a decade, beginning her career at age thirteen.

Trinidad Valentine is a Filipina and Chinese woman from the Central Valley of California. Her father is African-American. Trinidad was a young mother when she gave birth to Saweetie. They have two children together. Trinidad was married three times and had six children. Trinidad was young and pregnant with Saweetie at only seventeen years of age. She went to high school in Tracy and later transferred to Monterey Trail High School. After graduation, she went to San Diego State University and later attended the University of Southern California. After college, she focused on rap music.