Wedding Outfits for Men

Wedding Outfits for Men

When planning your wedding outfits for men, you should know what colors to avoid and styles to look for. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Styles of wedding outfits for men

The spring and summer seasons bring the most variety in wedding outfits for men. This style typically begins with foundation pieces like a classic button-down shirt and slim trousers, as well as dress shoes. Then, a man can add variations of color to the suit, such as a navy blazer and a pale purple shirt. He can even incorporate a small floral pattern into his tie. To stay cool in direct sunlight, consider wearing a light color or a combination of colors.

Summer weddings call for lighter colors and lighter construction. Black, navy, and grey are appropriate colors for summer weddings. White or lighter blue suits are also appropriate, though fair complexions may want to stick to a darker shade of navy. Shoes are another area where attention is drawn, and it is best to go with classic leather shoes. Lastly, ties can be worn with some suits, while others will be more conservative.

Colors to avoid

One of the most important rules to follow when choosing wedding outfits for men is to choose the colors that complement the color of the bride’s dress. While some colors are acceptable, others should be avoided. Red, for example, can make the bride’s outfit stand out too much, especially in group pictures. For a less noticeable look, consider a deep cranberry. Also, black is considered a color of bad luck.

If you’re attending a summer wedding, you’ll need to avoid dark, gloomy colors. For this reason, chambray blue or solid pastel hues are appropriate. While you’ll still need to wear formal shoes, you should avoid too-stuffy or too-bold patterns. If you don’t want to stand out from the crowd, opt for loafers or monk straps. Sandals, however, are not appropriate for a wedding.

Adding a bright colored jacket to the wedding outfits

A bright colored jacket is a perfect way to dress up a summer wedding outfit. Similar to a tuxedo, this jacket deviates from the traditional black color. Instead, you can find brightly colored jackets that come in elaborate patterns and lush textures. Whether you opt for a black or a navy blue dinner jacket, this style allows you to personalize your summer wedding ensemble. As a side note, when planning wedding outfits for men, you should make sure that safety is the number one priority. For this reason, Johns Hopkins Medicine suggests that you wear a thickly woven cotton jacket to prevent sunburn.

Avoiding distressed, torn, or ripped clothing

There are some general rules when it comes to choosing wedding outfits for men. First, choose appropriate footwear. Flip flops and other casual shoes aren’t appropriate for a wedding. Also, avoid wearing recognizable logos and flashy prints on your shoes. Lastly, don’t wear distressed, torn, or ripped clothing. While it may be trendy in mainstream fashion, wedding outfits for men should be formal and conservative.

Winter is the best time for wedding attire. The cooler weather allows for layers and thicker fabrics. Men should wear a blazer or a bow tie. Depending on the venue, khakis may be the best choice. When it comes to shoes, avoid sneakers. Also, consider wearing flats instead of heels. You should avoid distressed, torn, or ripped clothing, as this can look unprofessional and out of place at a wedding.