What are IT services- a complete overview


In this article we are going to understand completely what IT services are by going through their meaning, types, importance, qualities of a good IT professional, and more. You’ll also be getting to know about the best IT support in Dublin, Ireland and their services.

What is IT?

Let us start understanding what IT services are by comprehending what is IT and how it plays a major role in our daily lives. IT is an abbreviation for Information Technology and is basically developing, storing, sharing, and interacting with digital information through computers or electronic devices. In general language, IT is usually referred to as computer operations only.

Examples of Information technology can be PCs (personal computers), telephones, cell phones, radios, equipment used for video conferencing, and more.

In daily life, IT is not referred to as the communication we do on daily basis via electronic devices, but refers to the communication in the context of businesses and storing, exchanging, and making of data in the business itself.

What are IT services?

Availing IT services as a business is essential and extremely helpful for business activities. It assists business activities and helps manage various aspects of it including creating, storing, and delivering information relevant to the business.

Some figures and stats on the IT industry are as follows:

  • Worldwide IT spending in 2021 was almost 4.24 trillion USD.
  • There is an expected 5.1% increase rate in global spending on IT from 2021 to 2022.
  • Estimated 2022 IT spending is 4.45 trillion USD.
  • The forecast for IT service spending for 2022 is projected to be 1.3 trillion USD.
  • The revenue of public cloud computing services market for 2022 is estimated to be 495 billion USD.
  • The global IT outsourcing market in 2019 was around 13.4 billion USD.

Types of IT services

There are majorly 11 types of IT services, IT support is important for a company to regulate even the daily operations. The types of IT services are given as follows:

  • High-level management services
  • Mid-level management services
  • Low-level management services
  • Cloud services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software services
  • Network management
  • On-demand IT
  • IT communications
  • Hardware support
  • Help desk

 Importance of IT services

So far, it has been mentioned more than once that IT is essential for the business, but now let us look a little deeper into the importance of IT services.

1. Security

There is no doubt that IT support helps in securing a business’ data. Now that everything is digitalised, every piece of information about the company and business is stored in computers. The data also include sensitive information that needs to be kept safe from hackers and viruses. An It service provider will look out for this and make sure your data is secured from such threats.

2. Cost-effective

IT service providers or hiring IT professionals help in cutting costs for the business by reducing potential risks. Potential risks are technical errors that are bound to increase when no one is taking care of the system. Since IT professionals look after regular updates, fix issues as soon as they occur, and reduce potential damages; no regular repairs or system changes are needed.

3. Efficient work

As already mentioned, everything is digitalised now, from business operations to marketing to the execution of services. Business operations majorly working on systems and computers create a need for the system to work fluently without any glitches. However, without IT support the system is bound to experience glitches and even system crashes. To ensure efficient work it is of great importance to hire a good technician.

4. New technology and system software

You probably already know how technology keeps evolving and regular updates are needed. Not just system updates but also updates in security systems, anti-viruses, and more. An outdated one is as good as non-functional since there’d be more bugs, errors, and glitches which will only make the work more difficult and even frustrating.

5. Increase productivity and profits

Considering that IT support services are efficient, time-saving, reliable, and secure; these factors play a major role in increasing the production of business. Also, since it’s cost-effective and helps in better production, an increase in profits is very likely to happen.

The best IT support in Dublin, Ireland

Everything IT is by far the best It service provider in Dublin. They offer a wide range of IT-based services. These services include:

  • Business continuity and technology services
  • Virtualisation and networking services
  • Asset management
  • Cloud computing
  • Helpdesk services
  • Desktop and print services
  • Hosted and backup services
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Moving services and more


Though it is believed that IT support services are only for large-scale businesses with huge operations, it is just an opinion. If a small-scale business needs the services, they should get is since they also need the benefits. The IT world is ever-growing and is only going to grow with time, having an online presence and digitalised data is crucial for business growth.