AirPods Max – Apple’s First High-End Over-the-Ear Headphones


Apple released the first Bluetooth earphones back in 2016. Since then, they have seen improvements and slight design changes. The Airpods Pro in 2019 came with better performance and a price increase, but the same shape. So, Apple never really changed the easily identifiable shape and form of the AirPods. The new Apple Airpods Max is different, though.

Apple might be testing waters here by seeing how much money people can spend on high-quality sound. Although, they might be the only company that could get away with an over-the-top expensive product.

Connecting AirPods Pro Max to Your iPhone

As the new headphones have Apple’s H1 chip inside, the mechanism is like the previous models. So, connecting them to your phone should also work the same way. All you have to do is turn your phone’s Bluetooth on. Then, bring the headphones closer to your phone and wait for the pop-up to show up. Tap on it, and the devices will be paired. Now you only need a Spectrum WiFi connection and a Spotify account to enjoy your favorite music.

Moreover, you don’t have to pair the headphones on all your devices separately. If you have the same Apple ID on all of them, they can switch between your devices.

Sleek Acoustic Design

The Apple AirPods Max has a carefully crafted design for exceptional acoustic performance. It has a knit-mesh on the insides of the ear cushions, made with memory foam. You can also adjust the stainless-steel headband for a perfect fit. This way, you can wear them for hours without a headache.

Apple has taken inspiration for the Digital Crown design from the Apple Watch. It has some functional buttons for volume control, skipping songs, and activating Siri. From the canopy to the Crown, every part is fit for a comfortable feel and optimum acoustics.

Immersive Sound Experience

The headphones have Adaptive EQ which analyzes how the ear cushions fit on your head. Then, it can adjust the mid and low frequencies for an exceptional sound experience. Apple calls this revolutionary as the chips can perform 9 billion operations per second.

The headphones also have Active Noise Cancellation that you can’t find in other competitor products. You can focus on what you are listening to if you activate this mode. AirPods Pro comes with three outward-facing microphones that detect external noise. The microphone inside the ear cups can monitor the level of sound reaching your ear. So, it constantly adjusts noise cancellation according to the position and fit of your headphones.

Moreover, they also include a Transparency and Spatial mode. The former means that you can listen to music along with the surrounding atmosphere. The latter is when you want to shut the whole world out and focus on your music. In spatial mode, the headphones recognize your head’s movement. Then they remap spatial sound for a more immersive experience.

Position Sensors

Probably one of the most impressive additions to the AirPods Max is the optical and position sensors. These sensors enable the headphones to recognize when they are on the user’s head. The sensors are so well-designed that they work even if you lift one of the ear cups.

Battery and Performance

With all these heavy-duty features, how long does the AirPods Max last? Apple claims that even with the high-quality Dolby sound, the headphones can last 20 hours. It is an estimated duration if you are using Active Noise Cancellation and have enabled spatial mode. The battery life is not surprising for over-the-ear headphones like this, as most can offer the same on a single charge.

The headphones come with a Smart Case that can put them in an ultra-low-power mode. So, you can preserve your battery when you’re not using the headphones.

Additional Features

Along with the major noise and battery features, there are some other notable ones as well. Apple seems to have made sure that users can get the most convenience out of their headphones. Here are some of the additional included features:

Shift Between Devices

Airpods Max allows users to shift sound between all their devices. For instance, you are listening to music on your iPad and get a phone call. With just one tap, you can seamlessly move the sound to your phone.

Memory Foam

The AirPods Max has memory foam in the ear cushions. It makes up for a much more comfortable fit that is perfect for all ear and head shapes.


You can use most of Siri’s functionalities with the Airpods Max. Siri can make calls, read messages, play music, and get directions. A button on the Crown can activate Siri easily, and spatial sound makes sure that the audio you hear is clearer than ever.