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    Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Wholesale Sublimation Blanks

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    Designs or images can be transferred onto hard objects or polyester fabrics using the sublimation printing technique. Due to its simple learning curve, minimal initial investment, and a vast selection of materials that are already ready for sublimation, this approach is particularly alluring.

    There are only two easy steps in the sublimation process:

    • Use an inkjet printer that you will only use for this technique to print your artwork or photograph. Special sublimation paper and inks must be included.
    • Using a heat press to apply heat, transfer the design to a surface ready for sublimation.

    Features Include

    • One of the few techniques that will enable printing on stiff surfaces is this one (mugs, photo slates, plates, clocks, etc.)
    • It is comparatively straightforward and has a fairly rapid learning curve (fast learning process).
    • It provides an infinite variety of colors. Using four-color ink, you may create many variations in color (CMYK). When you add a new color to your design, there is no extra charge. Printing images is a great alternative because of this.
    • The printing is incorporated into the substrate and becomes a part of it after sublimation. The outcome is invisible to the touch, cannot be scratched, and won’t fade in color, unlike transfer paper.
    • You may make your orders on the same day because it’s quick and simple.
    • Numerous goods are now available that can be sublimated, including mugs, plates, picture slates, wallets, flip-flops, apparel, and ornamental objects.


    When durability is required, sublimation is optimal. Ink is infused into the fabric’s fibers during the wholesale sublimation blanks process, making the picture last a lot longer than with conventional printing techniques.


    Digital art direct printing used to be restricted to tiny runs, pricey equipment, and protracted turnaround times. Now that we have same-day turnaround available, digital prints are reasonably priced.

    We offer a more affordable option than traditional screen printing and vinyl heat transfer with our full-color image transfers. The procedure is not only affordable but also simple to master, making it ideal for use internally.

    The following are some advantages of printing on sublimation blanks:

    • The seamless sublimation technique now makes it feasible to print colorful designs swiftly, in contrast to the traditional vinyl heat transfer.
    • Print designs that last a long time: Sublimation prints last longer than the traditional vinyl heat transfer method.
    • Sublimation printing, as opposed to traditional screen printing, makes sublimation on blanks seamless and straightforward.
    • Cost-effective: Printing on sublimation blanks is more economical than screen printing, which gives a wide range of color selections.
    • Instant turnaround: Sublimation blanks have a quick and immediate turnaround time when compared to vinyl heat presses.


    Heat is used to transfer the image from sublimation blanks, which are printed with the same design as the finished product, onto any blank material. By using heat, the image can be permanently recorded on the substance. Heat can be used to transfer the picture from the blank, which is not permanent, to any blank material. We hope you found this blog post on the uses of sublimation blanks to be enlightening to read.