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    How to Keep Your Wood Fire Ready For This Winter

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    A wood fire is one of the most beautiful things you can light up in your home. It’s also a great way to keep warm during the winter months. With the right tips, you can ensure that your wood fire is always ready to light. Here are some tips on storing your wood so it will be ready to light this winter.

    1. Use Vinyl Tarp

    Tarps are great for protecting your wood from rain and other elements. The tarp will help keep the rain and moisture away from the wood and provide a barrier between the wind, keeping it from getting knocked around. If you choose an outdoor storage option, you can use a tarp to cover the wood.

    You can purchase tarps in various sizes, depending on how much wood you need to store. You can also get rolls of tarp that can help you cover an entire load of firewood. A heavy duty vinyl tarp is a great option, as it will last a long time and won’t rip easily. These tarps also tend to be more affordable than tarps made of other materials.

    2. Keep it Dry

    Another great way to store your wood is by ensuring that you keep it dry and ready for use. If the wood has not been properly dried, moisture will build up, causing moisture to form and cause rotting.

    You can achieve this using the “hand test.” If the wood is dry, it can snap in half without much effort. If it bends or stays together, it’s not yet ready for use. Another way to check if the firewood is dry is by using a moisture meter. This device can check how much moisture is in your pile of logs and determine if they need more time to season for winter use.

    3. Proper Storage Area

    You can store your firewood in many places, but it is important to ensure that you protect it from the elements. A great place to store large quantities is a garage or shed. These are great places to keep your wood stack as they help protect the wood from rain, snow, and wind.

    If you have enough room in your garage, this makes for a great place to store all of your logs for the winter. A good way to store the logs is by using a firewood rack. These racks help protect the wood and keep it organized while it’s not in use. These racks can be very convenient as you can use them for year-round storage.

    Considering using a shed to store your firewood, taking a serious look at the shed’s structure and foundation would be important. You don’t want to keep your logs in a shed that is not protected from the weather. If water gets into a wood stack, it will cause damage and rot the wood over time.

    It is also vital to ensure that you elevate your wood storage areas. This will ensure that the wood is dry and won’t sit in standing water, which could cause it to rot. A good way to elevate your wood storage area is by using a riser attachment. You can also consider using non-wood items to elevate your wood storage area, like plastic pallets or bricks, to lift the logs off the ground.

    4. Proper Airflow

    If you have a large amount of wood that you need to store for long-term use, a great place to store them is in an enclosed building with good airflow. This helps dry the logs out so that they don’t spoil quickly, especially if you live in a climate that gets very cold during the winter months. You must properly stack the logs so that air can circulate around them and keep them dry.

    5. Proper Location

    Another factor to remember is where you store your wood for winter. Be sure to set up your wood storage area free from water paths. This will allow the water to flow away from your wood stacks, keeping them dry. Also, make sure you store your logs in an area where they are not in the way of other activities.


    It’s important to remember that you have to have a good source of heat when using a wood fire. Use these tips to prepare your wood fire for winter, and get ready to bundle up and enjoy those warm fires this season.