Leaking Taps From New Toilets

Leaking Taps

If you are experiencing a leak whether it’s from your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower or toilet, it can cause a disruption in your everyday life, especially if it goes unattended. If you notice your toilet making a sound of a steady stream or notice that it is refilling excessively, it’s because the flush valve is leaking water. If you don’t take care of the issue right away and it continues to worsen, you will waste more money and see an increase in your water bill every month.

If you just had a new toilet install and it’s leaking there are a couple different reasons why that could be.

Loose Tool Bolts: Your toilet is secured to the ground with two bolts that are called tee bolts. If these bolts loosen or aren’t tightened all the way it can cause a breach to the wax seal on the toilet base.

Damaged Wax Ring: If your toilet is leaking from the base that means that the wax ring is loose and will need to be replaced. The wax ring keeps the toilet sealed which prevents any water from leaking.

Loose Water Supply Line: Usually, water will leak only from the base after you flush. If you notice that the water is constantly leaking from the base, it could be your water supply line.

Was Your Toilet Installed Correctly?

If you are concerned about the installation of your toilet, you can check a couple of things to be sure. Flush your toilet six times, make sure the toilet bowl fills with water after you flush, check if there are any leaks, and sit on your toilet to see if it feels secure to the ground or if it is wobbly.

Avoid Flushing Unnecessary Items Down The Toilet

It’s important to make sure that you aren’t flushing any items down the toilet that you shouldn’t be. A couple items to be cautious about are wet wipes, feminine hygiene products, and hair. Hair doesn’t seem like it would cause any toilet issues but it can just as much as anything else. The reason why you need to be sure not to flush these down the toilet is because overtime the items will build up in the pipes instead of breaking down like natural waste and toilet paper. This will end up blocking pipes which will eventually cause a leakage.

Do Not Unclog Your Toilet Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

There are ways to unclog your toilet without using chemical drain cleaners. Even though chemical drain cleaners do the job, they are harsh on your toilet and pipes. If you use a chemical drain cleaner more than once, the chemicals can damage the plumbing fixtures and pipes, this will cause a leakage sooner than later.

Can I Fix A Toilet Leak Without A Plumber’s Help?

Yes, you can fix your toilet yourself if there is a leakage. It’s always a smart idea to call your plumbing company and have them come fix the problem, but if you want to do it yourself you absolutely can. There are some steps you will have to follow to make sure you have done it correctly, you can even watch some videos to help. If you aren’t 100 percent confident in your attempt to fix the problem, don’t hesitate to make the call for professional help.