Features of Samsung Scrapbook App

Samsung Scrapbook App

If you’re not a big fan of scrapbooking on your phone, you might want to check out the Samsung Scrapbook app. This app allows you to store content into “Scrapbooks” and categorize them by different folders. In addition to saving content, you can also tag or write a note to each clipped item. To get started, download the free app today. Here’s a quick look at some of the most exciting features of this app.

Features of samsung scrapbook app

The scrapbook feature on the Galaxy Note3 (SM-N900) helps users organize the contents of their phone. It allows users to save content in a “Scrapbook.” This content could be screenshots of an app, or a web page. It also allows users to add notes and tags to clipped items. This app can store a variety of different media types, including photos, videos, and websites.

After opening the scrapbook app, you can add notes to images and videos. In addition, you can preview the content before saving it. To begin, tap the home screen and then open up the apps icon in the bottom right corner. Tap the application you wish to use. Once you’ve selected an app, open it. It will take a moment to open. You can choose to add notes, save your scrapbook, or delete it.

Alternatives to scrapbooking

While the Samsung scrapbooking app is free and available on the Play Store, many scrapbooking enthusiasts have questioned whether the program offers better quality. While the app’s visual and graphic elements may be more pleasing to some people than others, some of its shortcomings can make it a less attractive option. This article will examine some alternatives to Samsung scrapbooking. Also, you should know that a free app might contain ads.

For the most part, it’s a simple program that allows you to save content and collate them into scrapbooks. The S Pen makes it easy to save content from the web browser, and you can even draw around it to save it. You can also share your scrapbook with other people using social media such as Facebook and Twitter. These programs are not only free, but they also provide many useful features. If you’d prefer to make your scrapbook on a different platform, you can also download the app and use it as an alternative.

Capture URL in scrapbook entries

While the Samsung scrapbook app doesn’t capture as much information as the iPhone version, it does capture the URL link in scrapbook entries. It syncs with your Samsung account and can be accessed on your other Samsung devices. This makes it convenient to view and buy items in your scrapbook, even if you aren’t collecting them right away. If you’re one of the many people who love to save photos and scrapbook their memories, this app is definitely worth a try.

Once you’ve opened the Scrapbook app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you’ll notice a new option to capture URL in scrapbook entries. Using the S Pen, you can capture the URL in the content you’ve previously saved. The S Pen can help you save any webpage, even if you’re on a mobile device. You can open the S Pen’s menu by tapping the Menu key.

Editing scrapbook entries with S pen

The S Pen has many applications for editing and collating scrapbook entries. It’s not just limited to photos, but can also be used to capture web browser content. Open the Air command and select “Select content” to save a particular selection in the scrapbook. Then, touch the “Tick” symbol to save it. You can then continue with other tasks, such as deleting the selection or saving a new one.

Using the S Pen to write in text fields, including contact details, names, and numbers is also an option. The entries you write will be converted into text. You can then edit them by tapping the Space or Delete icon on the display. If you’re not happy with the entry, you can use the Air command menu to change the text field or remove it altogether. You can also share the entry with others.