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    Scissor Seven Season 4 Release: Get the Latest Updates

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    Anime series and animation Films are loved by almost everyone. People from different age categories like to watch animation shows. After the success of Scissor Seven Season 3, the makers decided to release the following season. And if you are one of them and looking for the latest updates on the scissor seven season 4 release, then you are on the right platform.

    Today we share the latest updates regarding the Scissor Seven Season 4 release. Let’s start our discussion by knowing some important things.


    Before proceeding to the latest updates, all of you should consider the overview of scissor 7. Here is a quick recap from seasons one to three.

    Till now, the audience watched three seasons of scissor seven. All the series are available on Netflix, and it is available in the English language. The first season was released on May 7, 2020, and the third was released on May 5, 2021.

    The total number of episodes in all three seasons is 34. And The Fourth season of scissor seven is coming up very soon. The writer and the director of the scissor seven are Xiaofeng He.

    It is a total package of drama, action and Comedy in the genre. But the makers did not officially announce the Scissor Seven Season 4 release date. But possibly the release date of season 4 is this year, 2023.

    Is it canceled Or Renewed?

    After the outstanding performance of Scissor, Seven seasons 3, the fans and the audience are waiting for the next season. It is a retreat for animation lovers to enjoy. The three Seasons are loved worldwide, especially by the Chinese community.

    People are looking for the latest updates about the fourth season of Scissor Seven. But unfortunately, the makers still need to provide information regarding the status of the upcoming season.

    Scissor Seven Season 4 Release Date

    After the tremendous hit of Scissor Seven Third Season, the fans of the animation series are looking for the current release date news. There may have around ten episodes in the upcoming season. But unfortunately, there needs to be more information from the makers about the release date.


    As the makers or the producers did not disclose anything about the release date or any other status, it is not appropriate to make any conclusion about the spoiler. If you want the answer, please stay tuned to get the information. Whenever we get any valid and solid information, we will update all of you through this article.


    While talking about the critical updates, it is also essential to briefly know the storyline. The story revolves around a character named seven, a barber in the series. And he wishes to become an assassin. And to complete his aim, he makes cheap killer contracts.

    But ultimately, he did not receive any fruitful results; instead, he faced a lot of troubles. As the Main character of scissor seven, he also suffers from amnesia. This amnesia health issue may be one of the reasons for his downfall. The whole three seasons are packed up full of comedy and action.

    What Can We Expect From Scissor Seven Season 4?

    The third season’s storyline may continue in the fourth season, and we may all see the consequences of the barber seven. The main character of the season may need to remember his chicken farm. Even he may lose his memory sometimes.

    Possibly both Manjusaka and Shimen may show their eagerness to catch seven. The audience may see a big attack on the upcoming season, which the audience should take notice of.

    Scissor Seven Season 4 Popularity

    After the massive success of the season, three people are waiting for the fourth season, and it automatically hit the audience. People expect to get something unique and exciting in the upcoming scissor seven.

    People are reading about the reviews and comments of the last season. And all of these make the fourth season very popular among the fans and audience.

    What Happened in Seven Season 3?

    In the last season of Scissor Seven, the audience watched the main character, seven face sorcerers, in Xuanwu, who was eyeless. And for thirteen, it wasn’t easy to choose the side of anyone. The memory of seven became faded also.

    Cast And Crew

    The cast and crew of Scissor Seven include Ronny Chieng as Seven, Broadcaster and Rich Woman, Jennie Kwan as Thirteen, Karen Huie as Chairman Jang, Passerby, Aleks Le as Da Fei, and many more.

    Rating And Review

    Even the reviews of the series are also good. According to IMDb, the animation received 8.4/10. And on Rotten tomatoes, it received a 94% average audience rating.

    Age Rating And Parental Guide

    The show is not recommendable under 14 years old children.

    Parents should also only allow their kids to watch the series if they are above 14.

    Where Will It Be Filming?

    No, official information came from the makers about where it will be filmed.

    How Many Episodes Will Be There In Scissor Seven Season 4?

    After watching 34 episodes in the last three Seasons, the audience and fans expect the next season to be at least ten episodes. But as the makers have given no information, we all can expect the possible number of episodes.


    Thus this is all the informative information, latest news, and updates regarding the scissor seven season 4 release. But if we receive any other information, we will update it soon.


    Is Scissor Seven on Prime Video?

    No, right now, it is not available on Prime Video.

    Are scissors seven finished?

    It still needs to be finished. The makers may make around ten seasons.

    Is Scissor Seven on Netflix?

    Yes, it is available on Netflix.

    Is Scissor Seven based on a book?

    No, scissor seven does not base on any book.

    What is the age rating of Scissor Seven?

    The minimum age rating of scissor 7 is 14 years.

    Did Scissor Seven get canceled?

    No, there is no information on whether it is canceled or not from the makers.