Different traditional sarees that you can flaunt at an Indian wedding


Weddings are considered to be a very special occasion. The grand ceremonies that happen in India involve a beautiful wardrobe and different styles of sarees. Such occasions demand one to dress well and put on different styles of clothing.

But in between the selection of your wardrobe, you might get tired of making different choices. Amidst all the different forms of designer clothing like lehenga cholis, Anarkalis, and a lot more, sarees are considered to be an invincible form of fashion.

There are enough options that one can find when searching for different kinds of sarees. A saree is a great investment. If you are a fan of traditional Indian sarees, it is okay to spend some money on these authentic pieces.

Mentioned here are some brilliant saree styles that look beautiful and elegant in a wedding function.

Panetar Sarees 

This beautiful saree is a traditional Indian fashion of Gujarat. If you are looking for something in the shade of pink and red, Panetar sarees are the perfect fit for you. You will find heavy work on the silk saree, complemented by beautiful embroidery.

Different dark shades, like deep purple, are used in the border of the saree, whereas, the body is white or off-white. The pallu of the saree is filled with golden embroidery. It has the work of zardozi.

Panetar sarees always give out some classy, charming, and elegant look. They are perfect for a wedding function.

Kanjivaram saree 

Kanjivaram sarees are always compared to the traditional Banarasi saree. Kanjivaram sarees come from Kanchipuram – a city in Tamil Nadu.

Kanjivaram sarees are woven with mulberry silk. They come in shades of jewels. You will find Kanjivaram sarees broadly in golden and copper colours.

Made historically by the Kanchi weavers, Kanjivaram sarees are the most beautiful and elegant sarees for weddings. Not only in the south but Kanjivaram sarees are worn all across India.

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Banarasi Sarees 

Another traditional form of saree that is seen in the wedding collection category is the eternal and evergreen Banarasi Saree. In India, if your saree has good brocade, it is considered to be the epitome of beauty.

The weaving of Banarasi sarees is very rich and is considered ageless because it remains the same through the years. This saree is adorned in India because of different styles of work – brocade, tanchoi, tissue, kora silk, jangle, and so many others.

Banarasi sarees take over a month to be made. Therefore, they are considered to be rich and elegant sarees.

Paithani sarees

Found in Maharashtra, Paithani sarees are the most elegant pieces of traditional wear. Paithan – a city in Aurangabad, is home to these beautiful sarees. These sarees are hand-loomed and made with utmost precision.

These sarees have very colourful borders and unique designs which makes them look different yet beautiful. Paithani sarees are known for their different designs of birds, plants, and other things in nature. Moreover, the most beautiful thing about this saree is that the weavers print the design of Ajanta caves to represent the culture of India.

Mysore Silk Sarees 

Pure silk sarees are considered to be the epitome of royalty and elegance. Mysore silk sarees are a traditional form of sarees that never go out of fashion. If you are attending a wedding in Kerala, this saree would do wonders for you. These sarees include different woven designs, gold weaving, and the pallu has a different kind of design.

Often silk sarees, especially the heavy South silk sarees, are a dream for a woman. You can flaunt these sarees at a wedding and nothing would go wrong. Mysore silk sarees are the best traditional pieces of silk sarees for an Indian wedding.

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