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    What to Consider When Buying Glasses Online

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    With modern digital devices like smartphones and computers, and a multiplicity of online stores, the online shopping experience is now convenient, fast, cheap and generally secure. For example, buying glasses online not only gives you an opportunity to choose from many options from the comfort of your office or home, but it also saves you time and money.

    However, there are more things to consider when shopping online, especially when it comes to buying glasses. That is why we are here to take you through. Read on!

    Things to Consider When Buying Glasses Online

    If this is your first time buying glasses online,these are the factors that you should consider before hitting the “Add to Cart” button on your selected online eyeglasses shop:

    1. Durability

    Why would you go for a new pair of glasses that will break or get scratched easily? Go for an online shop that offers durable frames and lenses for your glasses. If you are an active person type that engages in sports or you are a parent who never fails to participate in your children’s games, make sure that the online store offers high-impact resistance glass lenses.

    2. Frame size that properly fits

    You do not want your glasses falling off your face in the middle of an important meeting or presentation. Make sure that your online retailer has the right fit for your need. If your frames do not fit properly, you will not only feel uncomfortable but also suffer headaches and vision problems because you will not be using the lens correctly.

    3. Tint type

    To make your glasses extra special, you may need tint customization for your purchase. One of the most tint options is solid-color tints. Serious online eyeglass shops offer multiple varieties of glass tints that provide you with different benefits. Do you want a green or blue tint? Red or pink? Brown or gray? Make sure your shop offers your preference.

    4. Try before you purchase

    The opportunity to try before you buy lets you see what you will look like on your new pair of glasses. Some online glass shops do have a virtual try-on technology that lets you see how different frames make you look from multiple angles. Some retailers will ship the glasses to you and try them before you buy. If you do not want to look like a goat, go for a shop that lets you try first.

    5. Type of lenses

    Do you want to buy progressive, high index or multifocal lenses? Depending on your prescriptions, you should make sure that your online retailer offers the right type of lenses for your use. Multifocal lenses require a complex fitting process and may not be offered for sale by all shops online.

    6. Variety of glasses

    Are you a stylist that cares for each occasion? Do you want more than one pair? If so does your shop offer a wide variety of designer frames and discounts when you buy more than one? Check to see that your glass shop has many varieties and designs.

    7. Vision insurance options

    Many online glass stores do not see the idea of accepting vision insurance as fitting. You’ll see that you risk losing either on selection or value of your glasses. Go for the shop that accepts vision benefits for you to reap all the benefits.

    Aesthetic, Add-on and Other Considerations

    Other considerations to make when buying glasses online include the following;

    1. Shape of your face. Make sure your glasses match the shape of your face.
    2. Preferred add-ons. Your shop should offer a variety of add-ons such as antiglare and blue light blocking.
    3. Shipping and return policies. Shipping should be free and return policies favorably.


    To get it right when shopping for your next pair, you should know what to consider when buying glasses online. One of the most important things to have is a copy of your prescription and the measurements of your pupillary distance. If you do not have the measurements, you can have a friend help you measure them at home using a pd ruler.